Composite Fillings

When cavities are present, it is essential to have a dentist treat them as soon as possible to keep them from becoming a serious issue. Treatment for cavities is done with fillings. Fillings are a special substance that is used to seal off the tooth after the dentist has removed the decayed portions of the tooth. There are many materials that have been used over the years for filling including silver amalgam fillings and composite resin fillings. Your Edna TX dentist prefers the placement of composite fillings whenever possible.
Composite fillings are often referred to as “tooth colored fillings.” The material is chosen to match the color of the natural tooth enamel. This material is durable and best for mild to moderate cavities. With composite resin fillings, less tooth structure is removed than with silver amalgam fillings. Patients with cavities on highly visible teeth, such as the front teeth, would benefit from these tooth-colored fillings for a more aesthetic appearance.
Composite fillings are used in situations where patients have gaps between their teeth, tooth decay, or a broken tooth that requires repair. The area is numbed and prepared by your Edna dentist before the filling is placed. Composite resin is cured using a specialized light that harden it, allowing the dentist to file and polish it to look smooth to resemble natural tooth enamel.