Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a great way for patients to improve the appearance of natural teeth. This is done by creating thin custom shells that are bonded to the front of a tooth to make a dramatic change in the color, shape, or size of the tooth. They are often used to cover teeth that are stained or disguise gaps between teeth.
There are two varieties of veneers that are used at Edna Dentistry. The first is the porcelain veneer. This is a veneer that is made in a dental laboratory and easily resists stains. These veneers are durable and are applied directly to the teeth for many years of coverage. The alternative is the composite resin veneers. This is more like a dental bonding that is applied to the teeth and shaped in place. This method is faster and less expensive but does not have the same lifespan as traditional veneers.
When might veneers be right for you? Veneers may be appropriate if your teeth are:
* Stained
* Broken
* Misshapen
* Misaligned
* Spaced
* Chipped
Porcelain veneers are done over the course of two visits to the dental office. After an initial consultation, we will prepare the smile by filling down a very thin portion of the natural tooth enamel. Impressions are completed and sent to a dental laboratory for the fabrication of the new restoration. A temporary restoration may be bonded in place until the new restoration arrives. Patients return back to the dental office for the placement of their permanent veneer. If you and your dentist are satisfied with the appearance and fit of the final veneer, it is cemented in place for instant rejuvenation.